Ready To Rumble
*** BM
Starring: David Arquette, Scott Caan, Oliver Platt, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, Diamond Dallas Page, Joe Pantoliano


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I was actually pretty stoked about this movie - I find wrestling to be absolutely hilarious sometimes, so what better comedy than an insane movie about wrestling? It doesn't quite deliver on its promise, but it does have some good stuff in it.

David Arquette and Scott Caan are two freaks who believe wrestling is real and they worship wrestling legend Jimmy King (Oliver Platt). When he gets bounced out of the WCW by unscrupulous Sinclair (Joe Pantoliano), the two freaks seek King out and find out he's a drunken asshole. They whip him into shape to get him back into wrasslin', and lots of wacky stuff happens.

First point - Randy "Macho Man" Savage is vastly underused. The movie would be infinitely better if Savage had Oliver Platt's role. Nothing against Platt - he did a really good job... but it's a wrasslin' movie, and Randy Savage is one of the funniest wrasslers around. Second point - they showed potential of using "Mean" Gene Okerlund well... but then they just dropped it - there's lots of ways to use this little guy to make things hilarious. The copious amounts of ass and shit jokes weren't particularly funny, but I did delight in the fact that a few middle aged women had to leave because of them.

Martin Landau is probably the funniest part of this film, playing and old-school wrestler that becomes Jimmy's mentor. Rose McGowan seems to be playing under her worth as the head Nitro Girl Sasha, who hooks up with David Arquette to doublecross him. Her part is pretty ancillary and one-note... maybe "Jawbreaker" really hurt her career. There seemed to be a lot of missed opportunities in the film, things that could have been hilarious but fell just short. It did have some really good bits, but I was expecting more than I got from it. They attempted to put a lot more on the line - claiming that the big climactic match was full of Sinclair actually planning to kill King, etc. - than actually made sense... but I was cool with it.

Not a blast, but far from lame.

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