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Here's some stuff what's out there on the wizeb that y'all should dig on, y'dig?


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The Amazing Colossal Website
A pretty nifty review site that folks should go to if it ever seems like I don't know what I'm talking about. I've also got my own column there(!) called "For The Love O' Pete" (I'm taking suggestions for better names)... so even there, you can't escape me. CriminyPete is omnipotent... which makes one wonder why my site looks so lame.

Rotten Tomatoes
A compendium of online reviewers getting together to get some consensus going on some o' these flicks - one of the perks of being in the Online Film Critics Society is getting my stuff published there. It's pretty cool.

Popkorn Junkie
Another review site from a friendly person, and if you're sick of my occasionally mean/profane comments, these folks are a bit nicer about it. Plus, they told me how to get a poll on my front page, which I couldn't be bothered to find out on my own before.

Yahoo! Movies
I dig this place and occasionally post my reviews there - it loads a lot more quickly than IMDB and it's not an ugly beige color that bothers me.

Tenacious D
The There is none higher.

The Airship Optigrab
Same here.

The Onion
Always high comedy.

Love this man.

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