Road Trip
***.2 BM
Starring: Tom Green, Breckin Meyer, Amy Smart, Rachel Blanchard, Paulo Costanzo, DJ Qualls


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Tom Green's an odd duck. Sometimes he's the funniest thing in the universe, and other times he's the most annoying suckapunk on two legs, and he probably likes it that way. I haven't quite been able to detect a pattern in what about him triggers the "ha-ha" or "fuck off" response. The fact that he's nailed Drew Barrymore is confusing, too. It's either 'score one for the complete dorks' or 'criminy pete, what the hell's going on here?!'

Anyway, this flick was marketed on this guy being the in thing from way out, which is kinda weird once he's died down a bit. Just when the story started to click along, it would often cut back to another 'here's Tom Green being weird' scene, which detracted a little, although he was funny sometimes. Overall though, this is a big silly movie that manages to deliver some decent yuks.

For some reason, I keep seeing these crazy jackass movies, and Seann William Scott is becoming a relatively appealing jackass, be it "American Pie," "Dude, Where's My Car?" or this one. Paulo Costanzo as Rubin is the most interesting character in this, though, just because he doesn't quite fit into the standard 'crazy jackass' movie role. He actually has a MEDICAL reason for doin' the weed all the time. How often do you see THAT?

What is actually interesting about this flick is that the women in this film aren't exactly 'knockouts.' They're purty, but they're not the ridiculous buxom types that usually show up in these flicks. They actually look somewhat like normal women, albeit really thin ones. Amy Smart has this odd mousy look and Rachel Blanchard seems slightly off. That's kinda cool.

Another observation - it's really strange how completely out-of-place gratuitous nudity seems to be in films these days. I remember being a young pubescent lad in the 80s, and that's when just about every movie that came out had some pointless shot of breasts, and it was the holy grail to get one's hands on flicks like that somehow. Either I've gotten older, movies have gotten less gratuitous in some cases or I haven't been seeing enough of these 'crazy jackass' movies to actually tell, but it seemed really weird to see all the knockers in this movie. Maybe I'm just starting to feel sorry for actresses that have to do that, or maybe the thrill is gone once you've seen 'em in real life a few times. I suppose "Road Trip" is gonna be a new holy grail kind of movie for pubescent lads of today. Guess I can't really argue with that.

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