Office Space
**** BM
Starring: Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston, Mike Judge, David Herman, Ajay Naidu, Gary Cole, Stephen Root, Diedrich Bader


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When you watch a movie in which heartfelt advice is "Watch out for your cornhole, man," you know you're going to see some funny stuff.

Mike Judge made this comedy that skewers the current corporate office culture - not the pressure-cooker coked-out Secret-Of-My-Success office culture of the 80s, but the new, kinder, gentler, patronizingly lackadaisical office culture that's come to the fore lately. Peter (Ron Livingston) finally gets fed up with the nitpicky annoyances and infuriating horsepucky involved and starts to rebel.

Not big on plot, but it does pack a great deal of surprisingly hilarious lines and gags. David Herman is great as the unfortunately-named Michael Bolton, perfectly portraying the average foul-mouthed computer industry geek. Ajay Naidu is funny as the frustrated and profanity-garbling Samir, and Diedrich Bader takes the comedy cake as Lawrence, Peter's blue-collar, nudity-loving neighbor. Jennifer Aniston is added purely for marquee purposes, but playing the waitress gives Judge the opportunity to make fun of the annoyingly mandatory happy-go-lucky theme restaurants that are staining the landscape of America everywhere.

The Tarantino-spoof scenes are perfect, and all of the frustrating and insipid little office touches are right on the money. Stupid tripe like 'you have a case of the Mondays' and all the rest of the piss-poor excuses for comedy that float around cubicles like a sewage backup must be stopped. It was a personally uplifting moment when I got to watch "Cathy" comic strips burn in this film. It's about damn time.

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