Goodbye Lover
** BM
Starring: Ellen DeGeneres, Don Johnson, Patricia Arquette, Dermot Mulroney, Mary-Louise Parker


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Say what you will about Ellen DeGeneres - everyone has weighed in with their silly opinions abut her politics and ideals, bitched and moaned about how her show was either 'too gay' or teaching children unholy values, but the woman is FUNNY. No arguing this. She was hysterically insane as a stand-up comedian, funny as that ditzy receptionist on that Fox show with Alison LaPlaca, funny in her own show and she's funny in this movie. (let's not mention 'Mr. Wrong.')

That's actually about all there is to say about the film. True, there's all this attempted 'wicked intrigue' and 'deadly webs of betrayal' befitting late night Skinemax, but that stuff isn't very interesting. Don Johnson, Dermot Mulroney, Patricia Arquette and Mary-Louise Parker are all busy double-crossing each other. Or something. Aside from the occasional amusing character quirk, this is pretty much less-than-stellar filler. Too bad they show so much of it. They must have thought it was entertaining.

The fun parts of this movie involve Ellen DeGeneres mouthing off to her straight-laced Mormon partner (they're detectives, ya see). These are the good lines and, judging by the rest of the script, Ellen might have come up with most of them on her own.

Three paragraphs. That's about all the film is worth. I'll forget it soon enough.

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