Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle
***.8 BM
Starring: John Cho, Kal Penn, Neil Patrick Harris, Ethan Embry, David Krumholtz, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Paula Garces, Christopher Meloni, and various guest stars! A whole host, even!


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Another stoner comedy from the director of "Dude, Where's My Car?" That's what to expect, only mildly smarter. Still, though, a lot of dopey-ass goofball fun, and a rollicking good time. Yes, I said 'rollicking.' Deal with it.

Harold (Cho), a wishy-washy Asian cubicle-world guy, and Kumar (Penn), a smart-assed Indian cool-guy slacker genius type, get stoned, get a craving for White Castle, and have an epic journey across New Jersey full of crazy antics and wackjob circumstances to find said White Castle. Along the way, Harold finds a spine, and Kumar has an epiphany on following his family's footsteps into the medical field. I'm not sure if anyone realizes this, but White Castle hamburgers are god-awful. I've had them once in my life and I had a crapper of a time just trying to choke down a single little one, they were so bad. This is significant because I'll eat ANY goddamnable thing. That said, this movie made me hungry for hamburgers.

It's a pretty fun movie, if seemingly sloppily edited (although the screening place where I saw it might've been a bit off) and very low-budget (the latter of which you'll have if you dare to make your leads members of two minorities that Hollywood rarely exploits). Cho and Penn are much more charismatic than Kutcher and Scott were, and they're funnier, too, because they're not overplaying it so much. This film doesn't go quite to the ridiculous level of giant alien panties or anything, but there's a lot of good goof to be had.

Christopher Meloni turns in another off-the-wall comedy role along the lines of his twisted sensei turn in "Wet Hot American Summer" - this time as a boil-covered mechanic by the name of Freakshow. Cameos abound, actually, from Anthony Anderson and Ryan Reynolds, all of which work to pretty good effect, even if it's obviously just the cast and director asking a bunch of their friends to show up and fuck around for a bit on camera. The best of these, though, is from Neil Patrick Mothefuckin' Harris, bitch. He shows up hitchhiking and tripping out of his gourd, playing himself by the way, and he makes me glad that movies like this exist where Doogie Howser go hog-wild with strippers and say things like "It was a dick move on my part."

You also have to appreciate a movie in which two guys are ecstatically watching "The Gift" just to see Katie Holmes' tits. If you can manage to throw in a Wilson Phillips sing along, then you're golden, my friend.

This movie was perhaps a smidge away from being a blast. It IS, however, an entertaining yukfest, and I would definitely not object to seeing the sequel they set up for. These guys are fun. Keep 'em coming.

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