Cats and Dogs
***.8 BM
Starring: Jeff Goldblum, Elizabeth Perkins, Alexander Pollock, Sean Hayes, Jon Lovitz, Alec Baldwin, Joe Pantoliano, Susan Sarandon, Tobey Maguire, Michael Clarke Duncan, Charlton Heston


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First glance: another dull kids movie.

Second glance: wait a minute... cats and dogs in an all-out war against each other. This has promise.

Third glance, this time at preview: "I want you to stay here." "Why?" "Because I hate you." THIS COULD BE GENIUS!

Turns out to be not quite there, but it's an admirable job with an admirable concept. Talking dogs quietly guard humanity from evil talking cats that want to take over the world. But Jeff Goldblum's serum to cure allergies to dogs makes cats more aggressive than usual. Nifty super-spy shenanigans ensue.

There's a lot of fun to be had here, specifically with Sean Hayes as the voice of nefarious criminal overlord Mr. Tinkles and his toady voiced by Jon Lovitz. Most of the comedy is focused there, with the mercenary felines and nasty ninja types monkeying around with the dogs making for good times. The supreme canine council was pretty well done, too, if a bit too abbreviated.

It does have mandatory 'moments of cuteness' that movies dealing with cuddly animals need, but it doesn't go too far overboard with it, and there's enough goofiness abounding to make it likeable and keep it afloat. There isn't a hell of a lot to say about something like this, other than its funny and different enough to be interesting.

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