What Planet Are You From?
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Starring: Garry Shandling, Greg Kinnear, Linda Fiorentino, Annette Bening, Ben Kingsley


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Garry Shandling in outer space. This ain't strong enough to sustain a movie.

He plays a guy from a race of neutered guys in space sent to Earth with a humming mechanical penis to knock up one Earth chick. Despite the information he's equipped with, he doesn't find a two-dollar whore, but finds an alcoholic (Annette Bening) and somehow manages to fall in love, thus ruining conquest for Ben Kingsley.

This is like an iffy Saturday Night Live sketch drawn out to a movie length, without enough good stuff put in to make it worthwhile. It's uneven, inconsistent and, while occasionally funny, generally bland.

Greg Kinnear is pretty good as the asshole Garry works with, but I've been having a hard time figuring out why exactly people consider Linda Fiorentino a sex goddess. There's the voice, and a nice body, but I've never really found her particularly alluring. There are a few moments of weird that work - Ben Kingsley disappearing into toilets, for one - but it just never really got on a roll at all.

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