Total Recall
***.5 BM
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone, Ronny Cox, Michael Ironside, Rachel Ticotin


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I believe this was Arnold trying to do a 'good' movie, but 'good' movies don't have Arnold Schwarzenegger being a bad-ass all the way through.

This time around, he's Douglas Quaid, a blue-collar schlub who dreams of a better life than jackhammering all day and slamming Sharon Stone every night. Incorporating the nifty virtual reality theme, he finds out he used to HAVE a better life - thinking he's a super secret agent man on a quest to free Mars from the oppressive grip of Ronny Cox. Maybe it's true or maybe it's all in his head, but Michael Ironside isn't going to give him time to figure it out.

This is notable as one of a number of shitty action movies that Sharon Stone showed up in before anyone knew who Sharon Stone was. "Above The Law" with Steven Seagal and "Action Jackson" with Carl Weathers and Craig T. Nelson are a couple others. So she paid her dues. Even if she does bug me. It funny to see Oscar nominees in pictures like this. If only Carl Weathers and Bill Duke were in this flick. Jesse Ventura would have helped, too.

The problem here is that the one-liners aren't all that prevalent, so not as much laughter fodder. He does cuss a lot, though, and that's always fun. When Michael Ironside is out to kick your ass, it makes for a better film. Unfortunately, he's almost completely incompetent here. Undercuts the cool that is Ironside.

It's a step up the ladder towards 'good,' but YAAAH! Quaid would get his ass kicked by Matrix and Richards.

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