The Tao of Steve
*** GM
Starring: Donal Logue, Greer Goodman, Ayelet Kaznelson, Nina Jaroslaw, David Aaron Baker, Kimo Wills


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I'm always game for a flick about a fat guy that gets lots of chicks.

In this case, we've got Dex (Donal Logue), fat guy who used to get all sorts o' chicks when he was not fat and in college, but still manages to get chicks through a set of dating rules for ugly guys he's set up - being a Steve (like McQueen or Austin - not Stone Cold, but The Fall Guy) means doing it right, being a Stu means screwing it up. The Steve Tao works. He gets chicks. Works fine, until he actually starts falling for one - Syd (Greer Goodman). Then he don't know what to do.

This movie was directed by a woman named "Jenniphr."

The movie had a couple of small notes at the beginning that made me think it was going to have an amateur ring to it, but that faded pretty quick. It's actually a fun movie. There's some pretty good dialog and some interesting ideas that might help the unfortunate-looking among us get some action - basically, just act like you don't want her, and do cool stuff while she's around. Still not quite sure it would work - fat guy is still a fat guy. Worth a try, I'd guess.

Donal Logue is pretty cool as Dex, even if his mouth hangs open a bit too often. We can pretty much believe that he has a decent amount of smooth-talking ability that works for him - something I could never have believed watching him in flicks like "Blade," or as that taxicab guy that was on MTV for a while. I'd like to try his peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat diet. Maybe I just want a peanut butter sandwich right now.

Goodman is also good as Syd. My main worry upon reading the notes for this film - "Syd resists his charms, with good reason" - was that she'd turn out to be a lesbian... which seems to have been done already. That wasn't the case here, though, so I was relieved. I also appreciated the love of certain words they had - something I relate to. I find a lot of humor in using certain words, enough that I'll spout off some really bad jokes just to get to use certain words. A lot of 'em are profanity, though, so they aren't too hard to work into conversation these days.

My biggest problem with the film didn't come until the next day, when I saw one of the guys from the film was on that stupid MTV "Road Rules" crap. True, the guy played a dingbat loser in the film, but damned if I wasn't annoyed anyway. Screw MTV's Road Rules, Real World, Undressed... and most all of their original programming.

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