Sundancin': Swayin' To The Music II
Electric Boogaloo

CriminyPete drags his ass back to Park City, Utah, to sleep on a sofabed and wish his body still could handle caffeine so he could drink "Bad Ass" brand coffee... and see a flick or two.


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CriminyPete Returns To MormonLand:
The (sigh) "Quiet Little Drinking Town With A Skiing Problem" According To Local T-Shirt

So a full year hath come and gone since last I 'rapped' at 'ya' from this snowy burg in scenic mountainous areas perhaps near Dick Cheney's secret evil lair. I'm back again in the land o' the ol' Runnin' Utes and in a different state o' mind than I was during Sundancin', Swayin' To The Music Episode I: The Jittery Jibba-Jabba Jobber. I'm currently sitting in a slippery wicker chair that I can't get comfortable in, and my sleeping quarters has taken the colossal plunge from kick-ass king-sized bed last year to pull out couch-ass bed this year. Ah, well. I will, as they say, "fuckin' get over it."

This is technically Day 2 of my experience already, as I'm not nearly as effervescent with joie de whee about the whole excursion. Yes, it is still really freakin' cool, but as faithful readers of the Captain's Log, I'm sure you've read the documentation of my rookie year in 2002, and much of the experience so far has been the same thing. However, I'll break it down into days anyway, while I'm thinking about it.

First things fuckin' last, though. Here is a temporary list of the films showing here that I want to get my scrubby butt over to see.

  • Levity: A movie about life after prison featuring Morgan Freeman - that's enough Shawshank ingredients for me!
  • The Singing Detective: C'mon... THE SINGING DETECTIVE!
  • It's All About Love - a futuristic weird-sounding love-ish story with Joaquin Phoenix and Claire Danes.
  • The Shape Of Things - I'm detecting some sort of 'in love' sensation when I think of Rachel Weisz.
  • Masked and Anonymous - The Bob Dylan movie with lots of cameos. Curiouser...
  • Owning Mahowny - Philip Seymour Hoffman as a gambling addict who tries to pull off a big con.
  • The Secret Lives of Dentists - Campbell Scott!
  • Garage Days - Dude, rock!
  • Animation Spotlight - me like cartoons.
  • Bukowski: Born Into This - I've never read anything of his, but he looks like an interesting motherfucker.
  • The Weather Underground - documentary about affluent honky terrorists in the 60s.
  • All The Real Girls - Zooey Deschanel has had good parts as snarky sidekicks, and I think she'll do well as a romantic lead. Plus, a guy I know knows the dude that stars in it.
  • American Splendor - Paul Giamatti and comic books. Nuff said.
  • The Cooler - William H. Macy as an unlucky sap who works in a casino making other gamblers unlucky just by being around 'em.
  • Dopamine - a film that promises to at least pay attention to the issue I've often thought about: love ain't MAGIC, it's a bunch of goddamned chemical reactions in your fuckin' brain. No unicorns and valentines involved.
  • Party Monster - Yes, yes. Macaulay Culkin as an adultish.
  • Pieces of April - Keepin' it real with the TOL and Katie Holmes.
  • The Station Agent - Looking forward to seeing a guy with dwarfism carry an actual emotionally dramatic film and not as a punchline.
  • The Technical Writer - slob-ass tech-geek shut-in gets dragged out into the daylight and a change (a change) will do him good (a change will do him good).
  • The United States of Leland - a teenaged killer's life is looked into by Don Cheadle.
  • Buffalo Soldiers - a darkish comedy about the military with Anna Paquin vamping around (which I feel sorta bad for liking the sound of)
  • Laurel Canyon - Frances McDormand as exactly what her character in "Almost Famous" feared.
  • Raising Victor Vargas - a Lower East Side summer adolescent dramedyish thing.
  • White of Winter - dreary, lonely people in Montana reach out for each other.
  • 28 Days Later - Post-apocalyptic London after a virus sends millions into murderous rages. Woo!
  • Fear X - John Turturro in what seems to be a serious head-case movie.
  • Open Hearts - a Dutch film about what happens when your life is totally derailed by an accident.
  • The Hebrew Hammer - Blaxploitation, except with Jews.
  • Nightstalker - I dunno, but the promo image is a shaky-head guy! Shaky-head guys are always creepy and scary! Aaaaagh!

So I won't even see half of these suckers, but this is what I want to see. Good to have options. Also, a handful of films were mandated for my viewing by my friend, film and theater impresario Bryan Enk, of Third Lows Productions (formerly Happy Tree Sprite Productions). These are "All The Real Girls," "28 Days Later," "Garage Days," "The Shape of Things," "The Singing Detective" and "Party Monster." So hopefully, these will be definites.

I grow weary. I must away to slumberland!

Onto the Dailies!

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