Saving Silverman
**.8 BM
Starring: Steve Zahn, Jack Black, Jason Biggs, Amanda Peet, Amanda Detmer, Neil Diamond


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I'm a huge fan of Tenacious D, the greatest band on earth that Jack Black happens to be the frontman for, and Steve Zahn tends to be the only thing I remember about "That Thing You Do," since he had the sense of humor in the group. As much as this film LOOKED to be a piece of crap, I had some sort of urge to check it out anyway, thinking there'd be some Jack Black stuff in there that only I'd find funny, and there was indeed. Not enough, of course, because no one ever has enough sense to use cool actors to their full potential.

So, the wacky-go-lucky plot is Jason Biggs, despite looking to be at least five years younger than JB and Zahn - his supposed buddies since fifth grade, falls for and is dominated by Amanda Peet, who forbids him from hanging out with his buddies because they're really energetic dumb guys that don't know they're dumb guys. So they decide to kidnap Peet and set Biggs up with his high school crush, Amanda Detmer, who's becoming a nun in a week - so the deadline is coming soon! Yikes!

It's ridiculous and stupid, which is what I expected, but there's enough oddball stuff - the fact that they're all in a Neil Diamond cover band, the fact that Neil Diamond shows up to save the day, R. Lee Ermey as JB and Zahn's psychotic football convict mentor, Peet's ex-fiancee being a kickboxer, etc., that make it less than the awful mess it could have been. Not to mention that Jack Black is just funny to watch and listen to all the time, and there's even a cameo by Kyle Gass, the other member of The D. Woo-hoo!

It ain't a good flick, but probably worth a rental. Zahn's a funny guy, and he's more the focus than Biggs is. So there ya go.

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