Scary Movie
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Starring: Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Lochlyn Munro, Shannon Elizabeth, Anna Faris, Regina Hall


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"Scary Movie" has some scary shit in it. Or at least some really repugnant shit.

I liked "In Living Color" and Damon Wayans when they were big, so I have no problem with all these Wayanses runnin' around. More power to 'em. But after stuff like "The Glimmer Man," "Senseless" and whatever else they've been up to, odds were pretty good that "Scary Movie" wasn't gonna be all that great. But it turned out to be better than I thought. Still not great, of course, but not nearly as bad as a spoof of a spoof could be.

"Scream" started out as a sort of half-ass parody of the horror genre, but by "Scream 3" there was no parody left - it was all just the same lame crap. Besides, horror movie cliches are so well known and so overdone that whenever this flick was making fun of them, it wasn't very fun. The only stuff that really scored was the disturbing and unrelated stuff. Frightening images of balls, some weird-ass sex scene, and other assorted non-sequiturs - and that stuff was just more disturbing than funny. "The Matrix" stuff - eh. If you have something in your movie that "Deuce Bigalow" did first and better, there ain't no need for it. At least the "Sixth Sense" stuff wasn't as lame as it looked in the trailers - he only sees dead people cuz he's on drugs, y'see? He's all high! Whoa, dude!

I hate to admit it, but that "Whazzup" crap still makes me laugh, just because it's people making loud, goofball noises. I try not to associate it with beer.

The best part had to be the "Usual Suspects" ending. It was much better to be reminded of a truly good movie than all of the teenybopper I'm Pretty Sure You Were Up To No Good Last Spring So Now I'm Going To Plunge A Big Hook Into Your Flesh crap that was being referenced here. It's just that those flicks were so full of crap that the jokes were probably made in the theater by people watching them.

I'd say the flick is worth a rental. Nothing too hilarious, but nothing particularly awful, either.

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