Run Ronnie Run!
**** BM
Starring: David Cross, Bob Odenkirk, Jill Talley, David Koechner, Suli McCullough, Nikki Cox, Jack Black, Jeff Goldblum, Scott Thompson, Dave Foley, Andy Richter, Lots of Other Funny Bastards.


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Holy son of a bitchcakes! This is the funniest comedy I've seen since South Park.

It's a film extrapolated from the genius that was "Mr. Show," which I need to see a hell of a lot more of now. Ronnie Dobbs (Cross) is a mullet-sportin' Georgia drunkard that pulls so much dirty shit all the time that he gets arrested on "Cops" every other day. When failing Hollywood denizen Terry Twillstein (Odenkirk) gets wind of this, he finds Ronnie, takes him to Hollywood and exploits him into a mass media phenomenon.

Yes, I know, it sounds like a bad Saturday Night Live movie, but I'll be goddamned if it ain't the most consistently and ridiculously hilarioius film I've seen in ages. Most attempts at comedy have a few really high points and a lot of long droughts in the chuckling, but this one just never lets up - from the insane dialog to the absurd situations to the brilliant soundtrack, it had me giggling like a schoolgirl and spastically flailing and convulsing like I had some sort of brain stem disorder.

I can't do it justice, and to go into further detail would spoil the jokes, and that's the worst thing you can do to a comedy. When I finally saw "There's Something About Mary," I was seriously underwhelmed because I was already familiar with the jokes. I'm not gonna do that here. It's just hilarious. Fucking hilarious.

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