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Starring: Glenn Quinn, Rick Otto, Jason Mewes, Brandi Andres, Reno Wilson, Jeanne Chinn, Majandra Delfino, Jonathan Banks, Lucas Babin, Daniel Joseph, Nora Zehetner, Grace Zabriskie


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There's nothing sadder than an unfunny guy that thinks he's hilarious.

Director Mark Anthony Galluzzo has referred to this film as "rock and roll Hitchcock" and said that rather than create a thriller where you're with the sheep, waiting for the wolf to strike, we'd get to follow the killer around and "laugh our asses off." First of all, not only was there little to no "rock and roll" in the film, there's also little to nothing remotely humorous, save the occasional Jason Mewes stuff, but that's only funny because he was funnier in other movies when he did that shit.

This is just a really shitty remake of "Rope," that interesting Hitchcock film where erudite honkys debate the morality of murder so much that they decide to kill someone and see if they can get away with it, designed primarily to impress their professor who's engaged in these discussions with them, as played by Jimmy Stewart. In this new film, some jackass throws a party designed solely to give him the opportunity to murder everyone because he's above the morality of it and he's pissed at his ex-girlfriend or some shit. I'm honestly having a hard time remembering it. What I mostly recall is shifting uncomfortably in my seat and occasionally groaning with annoyance at my knee-jerk need to be polite and not leave while the filmmakers are present. It's slightly redeeming that Mewes saves the day, but since he is so obviously the only reason anyone will check this film out and they play up the way he "dies" so blatantly that it's pretty much expected that he'll show up at the end. It's so lame that it's hard to even muster up a half-hearted 'biggety-bam.'

It's basically boring rich white "young adults" gathering for drinks and impossibly stupid self-important-attempts-at-clever conversations and for some reason winding up dead. Although I must be fair - "R.S.V.P." featured a black man and an Asian woman at the party, too, but it can hardly be seen as a victory for societal advancement.

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