The Road To Morocco
***.8 BM
Starring: Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour, Vladimir Sokoloff


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This is a live action Looney Tune, kids, don't miss it!

Apparently, the Bob Hope and Bing Crosby road movies were a genre all their own "back in the day." This was the first one I'd ever seen, but this is one of the last ones they did, and it's chock full of self-referential hijinks towards the staples of these movies. Do NOT think about all those Texaco Bob Hope specials when watching these - Hope is pretty damn funny, and it's a little surprising. But you had to figure he was famous for a reason, right? Wait, that logic barely works at all (case in point: Keanu Reeves).

Anyway, Hope and Crosby are two shipwrecked cousins that wind up begging for food until a princess with a plan suddenly wants to marry Bob Hope, and wacky mix-ups and misunderstandings ensue. The genius here is that the two cousins are jerks that don't mind setting each other up for horrible circumstances - slavery, death, etc. - and stealing each others' gals. Perhaps they were able to do this because the Road movies were already a staple and everyone knew that nobody was going to die, etc., but it still seems kinda nasty for them to be doing this to each other - and it's still pretty funny.

Nothing is taken seriously, everything's a one-liner and there are even talking camels. This is genius. Plus, if you can manage to sing "Moonlight Becomes You" to a chick without screwing it up, it will work. The smoothest of the smooth-ass songs. They actually give people the hot foot. Patty-cake is an important component of the films. Bob Hope plays his own aunt that only appears as a ghostly image in dreams. This sorta thing is where Bugs Bunny got his ideas (or they got their ideas from Bugs Bunny) and a good time should be had by all.

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