Pootie Tang
***.9 BM
Starring: Lance Crouther, Wanda Sykes, Chris Rock, JB Smoove, Mario Joyner, Bob Costas, Reg E. Cathey, Robert Vaughn, Jennifer Coolidge, Andy Richter


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I've been looking forward to this movie with giggling stupid anticipation for quite some time, simply because of the title. I'd also seen "The Chris Rock Show" episodes featuring the comical character of "Pootie Tang," the hip-hop celebrity that speaks in hip-hop gibberish and is treated like a god among men. The film is, in effect, a "Saturday Night Live" movie, based on a skit that should usually only be about five minutes long, but perhaps Lorne Michaels not being involved makes things better. Or at least more fun.

The budget for this film seemed to be about seventy-five bucks, but the most was made of it and there was plenty of dumbass fun to be had here. Pootie is a superhero to the world, smacking do-badders around with Papa Tang's mystic belt of justice, until some ho gets between him and the belt, and the world goes to hell until he puts it right again. Sa da tay.

It's disjointed, ridiculous, random, stupid, goofy, awkward and funny. It's called "Pootie Tang," and it includes songs about Pootie Tang, such as "Pootie Tangin'" and "Why Pootie Why." Chris Rock has three roles, but he's still barely in it. Wanda Sykes is pretty funny as Biggie Shortie, who's goal in life is to fuck Pootie Tang. Crouther is smooth and cool as Pootie himself, delivering lines like "Sine your pitty on the runny tine" with the appropriate suaveness to make it some fun comedy. Cathey as Dirty Dee is quite the hoot himself, and for some reason the simple, stupid line "I hate prison. Prison sucks!" was goddamned high-larious.

There was just enough off-the-wall stupidity in this film to surprise me, and I had a rip-roarin' time.

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