Mission Impossible 2: Electric Boogaloo
** BM
Starring: Tom Cruise, Thandie Newton, Ving Rhames, Dougray Scott


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Does ANYBODY know how to use Ving Rhames properly in a film?

Apparently, vocal morons were complaining that the first installment of MI "made them think too much, head hurt... less hard, more easy! LESS HARD! MORE EASY!" So John Woo and the MI2 Krew obliged, and what we're left with is a film with very little suspense, hardly anything interesting and lots of boom boom and vroom vroom. Not to mention criminal misuse of Ving Rhames.

I haven't seen Ving used the way he should since Don King: Only In America - and before that, Rosewood and Pulp Fiction. Anything else I've seen him in, he's been underutilized. Apparently, no one realized that Ving Rhames is the best person in the film, and just about everyone else is pretty much uninteresting. Tom Cruise is actually repulsive in the first few pointless romance scenes (and I generally like the guy) with Thandie Newton, who starts out as a somewhat cunning character and turns into a typical damsel-in-distress. Dougray Scott as the bad guy is uncharismatic and bothersome. His henchman Hugh kept reminding me of Fred Schneider of the B-52s - hardly a menacing figure, even with that monster in his pants that does a crazy dance.

What worked about the first MI (which STILL underused Ving) was partly the fact that character allegiances were not easy to figure out, and there was always the mystery of where each character actually stood. In this one, not only is there a pointless love interest - but it's actually genuine and more than a little sickening when compared against the interesting betrayals of the first. So with all intrigue and suspense taken away, all we're left with is motorcycle stunts and lots of CG stuff. Yay. Never seen that before.

Dumb movie. MI:3 should have Ving Rhames as the star, and he should kick all sorts of ass.

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