The Limey
*** GM
Starring: Terence Stamp, Peter Fonda, Luis Guzman, Leslie Ann Warren, Bill Duke


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Reading about this movie probably won't do it justice. "Grizzled ex-con vows to track down the scumbag what moidered his daughter, and he'll stop at nothing to get his vengeance." Sounds like Steven Seagal playing the lead and maybe Tommy Lee Jones should be hunting him down. Insert lots of kicking and wisecracks and BANG! - you've got yourself a straight-to-video hunk o' crap. But stick General Zod in the lead and Captain America as the scumbag, add some interesting cinematography and all sorts of crazy flashing back and forth, and you've got a pretty good flick on your hands.

Terence Stamp plays the limey in question with a great skill for nonchalant asskicking. Peter Fonda does play a pretty good scumbag, because he's not a blatant scumbag. He's got his charm working, and he seems incredibly vulnerable and not the cocksure wisecracking bastard that usually upstages the hero and makes you root for him over the mindless hero thug. He's a bastard, but he's not an arrogant bastard. And he's got a chick who loves taking baths. Luiz Guzman is someone that always brings a smile to the face - especially after seeing him play himself in "Magnolia." He's just funny. Leslie Ann Warren, who many people might say is the poor man's Susan Sarandon, is someone I've always had a bit of a soft spot for just because of that branding... and her performance in "Clue." She's also pretty cool in the film. No film can go wrong with the addition of Bill Duke - Mac from "Predator" - either.

This film has a completely different tone from most 'action movies,' and that's what makes it interesting. No thunderous 'danger music,' no explosions, no pointless sex scenes and silly romantic subplots, no real lame one-liners and no climactic big bang of an ending. It almost feels like a depiction of what might happen if a normal, albeit resourceful, person tried to pull off a Dirty Harry kind of plot. The flashbacks and -forwards also really help to set the tone, and the shots of people not speaking while their lines are heard is an excellent technique... allowing us the feel of a normal conversation with normal awkward pauses without having to slow the dialog down by actually putting them in.

"The Limey" didn't really grab me and make me feel anything really strongly, but it DID capture my interest and amuse me on several occasions. It's a cool flick. Check it out.

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