Killing Time
*.1 BM
Starring: Jack Thyme, Holly Denys, Jason Ongocco, Tumu Rock, Gregory Scott, Rachel Style


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This movie wasn't very good. My opinion of it was most likely not helped by the fact that I woke up early one morning at Sundance to see it, but it wasn't very good just the same.

A stoner guy wakes up and meanders uptown in New York on his way to a job interview only to realize in the middle of it that his life is stupid and crappy. That's the movie, and it's not a comedy. Well, there were moments that made me wonder if this was actually TRYING to be a comedy and failing miserably, but I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be some sort of character study with "comic moments."

The comedy part is probably supposed to come from the dopey situations he gets into on his way uptown - running into a homeless guy named Cyclops, a psychotic cop that takes him to a museum, his ex-girlfriend who inexplicably seems to miss him since she says things like "He never makes me laugh like you did" - which then prompts the viewer to wonder "Okay, he's done nothing humorous to this point... was some of the stuff he said SUPPOSED to be funny but wasn't, were you laughing at his attempts at jokes, did he stop being funny when you left... or did he just do a bunch of stupid things that you laughed AT him for instead of with him?"

The film was probably a very personal project for the people behind it, but unfortunately not everybody's internal journeys of self-discovery make for interesting viewing. This film perhaps falls into that category of "the people who think they're funny and interesting but unfortunately aren't."

If you're a pothead that doesn't do much of anything with your life, and then suddenly you realize your life is ridiculous and you should probably do something about it, please, don't make a film about it. If you do, have the courtesy to make it about the time AFTER this realization, provided you DO actually do something about it, because that at least has the potential to be more interesting than watching some stoner bounce around existence lackadaisically.

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