Jesus' Son
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Starring: Billy Crudup, Samantha Morton, Holly Hunter, Jack Black, Denis Leary


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Okay. I've been saying this since "Another Day In Paradise," but I'll repeat it - I've had enough of drug movies. Putting Jack Black, Denis Leary and Dennis Hopper in for brief cameos isn't going to make a difference. It's still a movie with lots of painful, lingering shooting-up scenes. ENOUGH already. Maybe I wouldn't be sick of the drug movies if it weren't for all those needle festivals, but as it is, give it a goddamned rest.

With that out of the way, this was at least a somewhat unique film about a guy named Fuckhead, played by Billy Crudup. This guy is a complete fuckhead loser jerk moron who's not right in the head even BEFORE he hooks up with Michelle (Samantha Morton) and her smack habit. He doesn't really seem much different after he starts with the drugs, but somehow this girl falls for him, probably cuz he's Billy Crudup cute or something. Fuckhead bounces around town, bumping into random other losers, like Fuckin' Wayne (Denis Leary), who ODs about a minute after being introduced. Then when he knocks up his girlfriend, he tries to get a legit job, working as an orderly at a hospital, getting fucked up on pills swiped by Jack Black (the most entertaining part of the movie just because he's Jack Black), who's equally out of his gourd. Michelle gets pissed that he's not keeping off the drugs, and Fuckhead can't figure out why anyone is ever pissed at him. So she has an abortion, and immediately afterwards, he comes up with some of the worst things to say to a person in that position in the history of mankind. She leaves him, he follows her aimlessly and she takes him back - probably because he managed to string a few sweet sentiments together during their first go-around and she doubted her ability to find anything close to that anywhere else in life. Then she ODs. Then he meanders until he gets a hold of some bad shit, nearly dies and winds up in rehab, where he meets Dennis Hopper for a minute and then illustrates that he's still the same Fuckhead with or without the drugs (except he doesn't shake as much anymore), but he figures out he can be happy without them. Ta dah. Oh, and then he nails Holly Hunter, who's love interests always die, so chances are Fuckhead dies right after the credits roll, but we don't get to see it.

Seems to be a story about the broken people of the world - who knows why they're broken, who or what did the breaking, or how unfixable they are. Desperate people who aren't always aware that they're desperate at all, searching for some sort of happiness in life, and manufacturing it if they don't turn anything up, whether it be through mind-altering substances or creating their own little dream worlds like Wayne. Fuckhead is the narrator, and the actual flow of the story is as flaky and fucked up as he is, so one can even get a greater feel for how guys like this live their lives.

Problem is that it's not a particularly involving story, since Fuckhead has barely anything in the way of likable qualities, and he's the guy we follow through the whole thing. Potentially interesting characters float in and out quickly, further demonstrating the random nature of Fuckhead's life, but also frustrating people who'd like to see a little more of somebody other than Fuckhead. Jack Black has a somewhat larger part, but he's basically 'the funny stoner guy,' which tends to be more sad than funny unless you're watching "Dude, Where's My Car?"

It's an interesting idea for a film, with some original aspects to it, but it's not a film I can really recommend, since it's one of those that becomes harder to sit through the more it goes on. Not enough to get me fed up enough to walk out in the middle of it like "Showgirls," - nothing like that. Just the kind that makes you start to notice that your ass is uncomfortable after a while. That's not often a good sign.

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