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Starring: Sarah Polley, Katie Holmes, Taye Diggs, Desmond Askew, Scott Wolf, Jay Mohr, William Fichtner, Timothy Olyphant,


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Huzzah! Another movie about the whimsical misadventures of small-time junkie criminals! Let's watch with unabashed glee and fantastical joy as their comical hijinks within the underworld delight and amuse us!

Ronna (Sarah Polley), Claire (Katie Holmes) and Simon (Desmond Askew) are grocery store clerks. When Simon runs off to Vegas with Marcus (Taye Diggs) and a couple of other mooks and winds up in some zany madcap antics involving strippers and gambling that gets them into hot water and a wacky car chase, Ronna gets caught up in a police sting by Burke (William Fichtner), Zack (Jay Mohr) and Adam (Party Of Five Boy) that was originally designed for Simon. Claire, meanwhile, is the sensible good girl who wanders around being bored with Ronna's antics... and then inexplicably decides that Todd, the drug dealer that tried to kill Ronna earlier (Timothy Olyphant), is the hottest thing since Dawson's Crack and serves up the beav to him.

Pulp Fiction was fun and cool. True Romance was a pip. Another Day In Paradise was pushing it. Now, I believe, it's time to put this genre to bed for a few years. Please.

Diggs is cool, Mohr and Party Of Five Boy are amusing at times when they bicker, Fichtner is kinda funny and disturbing, and even Holmes has a good moment or two. But all in all, it's uninteresting, uninvolving and about nine hours too long - and some of the circular bits in which they repeat LARGE CHUNKS of verbatim dialog from an earlier scene to drill into the N'Sync fans in the audience that "yes, we're going back in time now, kiddies.... remember this? Or were you still talking to Trevor on your cell phone during this part? Was the shiny red glow of your laser pointer too fascinating for you to pay attention? Was Kaitlin setting off your pager during this part? Fret not! Here's the same damn scene!"

I have no patience for this.

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