The Legend of Drunken Master
**** BM
Starring: Jackie Chan, Lung Ti, Anita Mui, Felix Wong


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Jackie Chan kickin' ass! WOO HOO!

This is one of his redubbed Hong Kong movies, about a guy who masters the style of Drunken Boxing kung fu, a weird, goofy form of ass-kicking that's made even more powerful by actually being inebriated (loosening up the body, raising the pain threshold, all that good stuff). Bad guys do bad things, and Jackie Chan has to beat them up, but keep his father from kicking his ass for being drunk.

This guy is amazing. His whole crew is amazing. The guy waddles around on burning coals on all fours for an uncomfortably long period of time. It is unbelievable that the guy hasn't had his head taken clean off by something at some point. And he makes it look nearly effortless.

The only way to judge a Jackie Chan movie is whether or not the ass-kicking was in sufficient supply and of considerable amazement value and with the right touch of comic zaniness. This film had it in spades, with the help of the wacky stepmom and goofball compatriot. Much fun to be had by all!

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