Downward Angel
*.4 BM
Starring: Matt Schulze, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick, Jonathan Banks


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This is a movie trying really hard not to be a USA Original, but failing miserably.

John Hunter (Matt Schulze) is a guy trying to infiltrate the Guild (of random criminals) headed by Herod (Jonathan Banks), who killed his family. Throw in a femme marginale (Gabrielle Fitzpatrick) for no real reason and you've got this half-ass movie.

It's trying to be comic-book adventure like, to the point that Hunter actually says Stan Lee is his favorite author, hailing Spider-Man as his hero. It hurts a bit to have ol' Spidey's name invoked in this film. This seems like a lame attempt to be something like Gambit - the generically 'cool' X-Man that thankfully missed the cut for the X-Men movie.

It's just a generic action-adventure pile of bleh that tries to have a surprise ending, but when the surprise ending makes everything you've seen already seem even more stupid and ridiculous, it's not a pleasant surprise. It's just more dumb added to old dumb. It's barely even interesting enough to air opposite "Simon & Simon" reruns.

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