Brotherhood of the Wolf
(Le Pacte De Loups)
*** GM
Starring: Samuel Le Bihan, Mark Dacascos, Vincent Cassel, Emilie Dequenne, Monica Bellucci


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The French are attempting an action film here. Be warned.

Despite what the commercials would have you believe, this is not "Part Matrix, Part Jaws, Part Crouching Tiger!" I don't even know if I'd want to watch that movie. Apparently anything with kicking in it is "part Matrix," anything with monsters is "part Jaws" and anything with slight mysticality or perhaps just somewhat unorthodox action is "part Crouching Tiger."

This is the story of French people getting murdered mysteriously in 1765 by a legendary beast known as... well... The Beast. So a naturalist (read: guy with modern scientific ideas) named Gregoire and his strangely Asian-looking Indian ass-kicker companion Mani go to check it out. There is fighting and mysterious politcal goings-on muddying up the deal, and it's all French.

I enjoyed it, though, because I was expecting a lame kicking thing and that goddamned slow-motion bend-backwards shot that every movie claiming to be "part Matrix" has to have. FUCK THE MATRIX. IT WASN'T THAT FUCKING GOOD.

Sorry. I'm getting off track.

As I was saying, I was expecting a lot of lame kicking and got what is essentially a sort of murder mystery with occasional appearances from whores. That sounds fun. So by not living up to my expectations, it pleased me. I still figured things out rather easily, but it's a genuinely surprising moment when the naturalist who, having shown no signs of any sort of fighting skills, suddenly snaps into action after being "pushed over the edge" and kicks the shit out of everybody. That's pretty cool.

Also, apparently, Samuel Le Bihan is the hottest thing in France since sliced urine. If so, it's definitely a trade up from Depardieu.

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