Boys and Girls
** BM
Starring: Claire Forlani, Freddie Prinze Jr., Jason Biggs, Amanda Detmer


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I had a choice between seeing this film or "Chicken Run" - and I went for this one, because it was free, and that was the only way I was going to see it... and I kinda just wanted to look at Claire Forlani. Unfortunately, I looked at her enough to know that her acting ability leaves a bit to be desired.

Ryan (Freddie Prinze Jr.) and Jennifer (Forlani) are opposites, one over-organized and one free-spirited. They meet a couple times as kids and then end up in college together at UC-Berkeley and become friends, then wind up in love at the end of the movie. Oh, and each one has a weird roommate - Ryan has Hunter (Jason Biggs), a guy who can't get laid, and Jen has Amy (Amanda Detmer), a neurotic therapy-addicted flake.

It's often amusing to see how pretty boys/girls 'dress down' when they play roles in which they're not supposed to be pretty. The first part of the film was Prinze trying to play nerdy (and since he's apparently drooling to play Peter Parker in the Spider-Man movie, I viewed this as his audition) and it just doesn't quite work. I didn't despise him like I thought I would, and he had some moments later on that seemed to work, but that was after he was allowed to be his pretty boy self again. I just didn't quite buy him as a dork... probably because I knew he's a pretty boy underneath. That, and the fact that I once saw him actually use the phrase "wicked cool" in an interview makes me not want him to play Spidey.

As for Forlani, she's purty, but I didn't really buy her as the free spirit type, either. Her lines never really felt natural, perhaps because she was trying too hard to cover up her British accent. Her delivery was always too soft and lilting to really make me believe what she was saying - or even that she was supposed to be the mouthy girl that played her as a 12 year old in the beginning of the film. Not to mention that she has the gall to refer to someone she sees on TV as 'anorexic' when she herself weighs about fifteen pounds soaking wet and covered in pudding.

Biggs is American Pie II: Electric Boogaloo - another loser trying to get laid. Detmer is just pretty annoying. Heather Donahue, the Blair Witch chick, shows up as a straightforward love interest for Ryan, and she's not bad.

What galled me the most was that people in the audience were actually hanging on every word here. Gasping at the right moments, moaning at moments that had the two of them ALMOST getting together and just missing it... getting all excited when they revealed little emotional bits... it was just sad. Funny, but sad. I did kinda like the slight role reversal of the woman having to run and chase down the man that almost got away, but this wasn't all that involving, folks... and in six months, they'd break up. Welcome to life. Have some dip.

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