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Starring: Giovanni Ribisi, Nia Long, Vin Diesel, Ben Affleck, Tom Everett Scott, Nicky Katt, Scott Caan, Ron Rifkin


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This is where all the assholes you knew growing up go to be successful while remaining assholes.

This is the story of a young casino dealer named Seth (Giovanni Ribisi) who gets recruited into a chopshop stock brokerage run by Ben Affleck and Tom Everett Scott. A sort of "Glengarry Glen Ross" attempt with a hip-hop soundtrack and young hot-shots instead of old grizzled people. Now, while there is something appealing about watching these guys toss out their sales pitches in that same slick-assed, fast-food, Persian-bazaar manner with which they seem to handle everything else, chatting up and smooth-talking people and bending them to their will... these are still assholes fucking people out of money, and it's good to see that actually realized by Seth eventually.

I don't care what the pretext is - when a bunch of clean-cut, close-cropped slicked-hair rich enthusiastic young honky-crackers with a sense of entitlement get together in one place, whether it be a bunch of stock brokers or a bunch of frat boys, look the fuck out. Like Seth says, the meetings are more like a Hitler Youth rally. These people scare me. This is what so many parents want their children to aspire to - young, upwardly mobile types with fancy cars, immense disposable income and 'bright futures.' It's a strange paradox in life - you're born poor, have to scrape, sweat and suffer for every penny you have and build yourself into a successful person with a sense of where you've been, and you don't want to put your kids through that same pain... but if they DON'T experience that pain, if they're born into privelege, more often than not they become raging buttfucks like these guys. Sad, sad story. Then there's the story of suffering like hell to get out of poverty, and then becoming a raging buttfuck yourself once you escape it. No absolutes, ever.

The movie itself was a little hard to swallow at times - specifically the fact that we're supposed to believe that Nia Long finds Giovanni Ribisi attractive. Now, Ribisi's cool and all, but throughout the entire film, he looks like a pasty-faced weasel that's constantly stoned out of his mind. But there are quite a few good performances here, including Vin Diesel (the voice of the Iron Giant - because of that role, I will try to love him in everything), and a lot of fun dialog that make the film worth seeing - equally addressing the immense lure of this lifestyle and the ugly underbelly of it.

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