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Starring: Robert DeNiro, Billy Crystal, Lisa Kudrow, Joe Viterelli, Chazz Palminteri


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Hoo-boy. Psychiatrist has mobster for a patient. Hijinks ensue. Walking into this film, I figured it had the potential to be a disaster of "My Giant" proportions.

To my surprise, the film actually managed to amuse me. Director/Egon-Spengler Harold Ramis actually managed to take a silly sitcom plot and take it from the level of a Leslie Nielsen movie, turning it into a genuinely funny (at times) comedy. Much of the humor in the film, though, is due to Robert De Niro. Parodies of the gangster movie genre have been so thoroughly done to death that I didn't expect it to be funny in the least, but watching him spout off comic lines while maintaining a very real and omnipresent threat to Billy Crystal's life kept things tense and involving. Add to that the fun of watching Jelly (Joseph Viterelli) waddle around and harass Crystal, and you've got a sleeper that manages to entertain in spite of the odds.

True, the Hollywood anti-aging mascu-centric machine is in full effect, pairing Crystal with Lisa Kudrow in holy moley matrimony. Something about this just ain't right. It's like watching Clint Eastwood 'charming' twentysomethings in "True Crime." I ain't buyin' it. If Billy Crystal wasn't Billy Crystal, do you think he'd have a chance in HELL at "Central Pork" or wherever the cast of "Friends" hangs out? I don't think so. That would be the episode entitled "The One Where The Balding Old Guy Skeezes On Phoebe" or "The One Where An Unattractive Person Attempts To Talk To One Of Us."

Not too much to comment on - just a goofy little comedy sprouting from a mundane concept. De Niro makes the movie, as usual.

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