Along Came A Spider
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Starring: Morgan Freeman, Monica Potter, Mika Boorem, Michael Wincott, Dylan Baker, Jay O. Sanders, Michael Moriarty, Penelope Ann Miller, "Thelma" from "Amen"


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Is there any actor that's easier to root for, more enjoyable to watch and as interesting as Morgan Freeman? The guy is smooth, calm and never overdoing anything. The kinda guy you just like to watch go to work. "The Shawshank Redemption." The last line in "Seven." The guy does great work, and he's just as enjoyable here as he is anywhere.

He's profiler-extraordinaire Alex Cross, who's gone so far as to publish books about profiling serial killers... which, you know... sorta seems to take away the whole 'I know what you're thinking, Bad Guy' angle because the Bad Guy can say 'I know you know what I'm thinking, Good Guy. That's why I'm doing something completely different and weird.' It's like making a list of ways to score with the chick at the end of the bar and then going up and handing it to her. Then again, that'll probably be in some movie sometime and somebody will find a way to make that cute. But I digress.

He just watched his partner die, and he ain't too keen on doing much of anything, until he gets called on by one of the nutjobs what's read his books (Michael Wincott), who's also managed to snag a senator's daughter out of her school after posing as her teacher for two years. He teams up with the Secret Service agent that blew the protection gig (Monica Potter) and the head agent in charge (Dylan Baker) to figure out what the dilly-o is.

It's a smooth, quiet mystery, like Freeman himself. Not a lot of glitz to it, not a lot of pointless shoot-em-up crap, barely a hint of a love story to be found anywhere, which makes it all the more enjoyable. I thought I was hot shit because I telegraphed an angle from miles away, but it managed to surprise me with another angle following it up that I didn't even think about. That's pretty cool, although it's also probably because I wasn't expecting much from the film at all, anyway.

I still haven't completely gotten over the whole Dylan Baker-Happiness thing, but I can enjoy his presence in a film now - good actor, he is. Potter ain't bad, neither. The one annoying thing about it, though, is that Cross is such a 'great profiler' that he guesses a computer password on the first try. That's ridiculous. People as bright as these types should know better than to make passwords something anybody could guess. Then again, people didn't notice that Michael Wincott was wearing appallingly obvious prosthetic facial disguises somehow, so maybe this ain't the land of the observant.

Other than that, a nice little crime story, with a smart kid trying to figure out ways out of captivity, to boot. Not particularly memorable, but I'll watch anything with Morgan Freeman in it once.

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